Divine Mercy
and Free To Be

Divine Mercy and Free To Be is a U.S-based tax-exempt 501(c)3 non-profit public foundation working to make our world a better place.

The founding principles of the Divine Mercy and Free To Be Foundation consider education fundamental, not only as a means for eradicating poverty, but also as a decisive means for building a brighter future for the youth that are impoverished and for society at large.

The Foundation will raise funds to build low cost buildings for preschools, grade schools, and support targeted schools in the impoverish areas by providing school supplies, recruiting teachers, providing scholarships to students who qualify to attend schools of higher learning, facilitate job placement opportunities for graduates, etc

Key Foundation Programs

To Build Preschools and Grade Schools

With parents unable to afford the cost of preschool these children are left playing in the dirt and dangerous plastic bags, an obvious waste of future great minds and talent. The goal of the foundation is to reverse this trend.

Repairs and Rehabilitation of School Building

Some of the rundown schools in the neighborhood that desperately need repair or rebuilt.

Provision of School Supplies

Partnership of US and Ghanaian Educational Institutions

This program seeks to promote cultural experiences through periodic exchange programs between schools in the US and Ghana. Higher achieving students will be identified, each year, and sponsored to pursue short-term educational and cultural programs at various institutions in the US. Conversely, the foundation will tap into various exchange programs offered by several US educational institutions to invite US students to attend various short-term programs offered at Ghanaian educational institutions. Funds raised for this program will sponsor one student each year from Ghana to attend a short-term not to exceed 6 months educational programs in the US.

Provision of Scholarships & Grants to Students

The Sunday's Child's Program

One of the programs under the scholarship and grant program is Known as “The Sunday Child Program” How the Program works. Professor Atta, the foundations field worker goes to a village community and observe children who are home during school hours. He then approaches the parents of children observed not attending school. Professor Atta interviews the parents and informs them about the program. If the children are found eligible, he then sends the necessary information to Sister Ruth who then forwards the eligible children’s names and information to The Foundation. The Foundation through its fundraising efforts seeks donations for the eligible children. Once donations are received, the foundation forms a partnership with the children and their parents. The children with the support of parents or care givers agrees to stay in school and work very hard towards their education. It is a policy in Ghana that parents pay for the tables and chairs for school, as well as school dress attire. Once the foundation verifies that such items has been purchased, the foundation then contacts and registers the children in a school in their community, pays their school fees and school lunch for one year each so that there’s no break in the children schooling. The foundation also pays for a school bag, a children’s bible, school uniforms, new under wear, a pair of shoes or sandals to help the children start afresh. Professor Atta follows up with the child and family after one month, then leave them for a period of two months without any visits. Towards the end of the semester, he visits again to see how the child did with their schooling and examinations. At that point, a discussion is held and a decision is made how to continue to support the child to stay in school.

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